Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and have a prosperous 2012

Happy New Year and have a prosperous 2012.

As we reflect upon the past and contemplate our new year, I can’t help but see the desire to have different results (more profit), but continue the same improvement methods. Most of us know them; including myself for we all are subject to comfort zone (what we know).

Most business, profits are pressured from both directions; supply side and selling side. The supply materials, labor and overhead continue to cost more while customers’ expectations become higher and more sophisticated.  

A few of us see opportunity in the pressure for those who can best define, create with minimum waste, and deliver the customer’s product or service.

It looks like our economy moving forward for the foreseeable future will reward those companies that can master the change. Most business that deliver the same year over year in this environment will be out, those that refine their cost of doing business and satisfy their customers will move on to another day. It is the same struggle of a decade ago, but more intense.

Through 2012, I will continue to post here to provide tips on excelling to peak profitability. Feel free to leave a comment.

Happy New Year,

Greg Andrysiak
Cost Innovations